Dear Student,

Thanks for registering for Scholars Olympiad.

We believe that you should choose your career based on the compatibility of your personality with it. Each one of you has the capability of doing great if you choose the right path to harness your potential. With that in mind, we have created this Olympiad for you to help you assess your potential and personality as we think education should help you realize your potential rather than making you imitate others.

This test has been conceptualized by teachers having more than 10+ years of experience in the field of teaching and mentoring. The test will help you assess your “Conceptual and Observational learning” as in this vastly competitive world you can not rely solely on “Rote learning”. We have also incorporated a one of its kind “personality test” which will help you to understand your own personality. This will eventually help you align your personality with your goals and vice versa.

In order to succeed in this Olympiad, I would recommend that instead of focusing on the quantity you should focus on the quality of your learning. Knowledge is all around us whether you are playing a sport, watching television, reading a book etc. You just have to start absorbing it in the right manner. Instead of worrying about the competition, start focusing on yourself and try to get the best out of you. You will be surprised by your own capabilities. If you start believing in this philosophy then learning will become fun instead of being boring & stressful.

Hope you enjoy appearing in this Olympiad.

All the Best,

Shobhit Gupta & Alok Bansal

B.Tech., IIT Delhi

Mentor & Teacher at Vidyamandir Classes, since 2007.

Founder of VMC Anand Vihar – Ghaziabad.