Data, information, knowledge, and wisdom: surely enough though you would have heard these terms, ever have you tried to understand the fine difference?

Education, be it in any form, has a purpose of making human beings better, better than we were yesterday. And this betterment is aimed at all levels, intellectually most notable among them though not the only one.

Sometimes, however, ‘education’ becomes more of a process of conveying and learning facts, rather than understanding. This can lead to disinterestedness in a process which although is very interesting. Most often, the students are at receiving an end of this undesirable outcome.

A question like, why are we doing this calculation, what is its significance anyways, does it have any practical aspect begin to appear in student’s mind and if these are left unanswered, they can add to frustration in a curious mind.

We at VMC understand this very well based on our very rich experience with students, their thought process. To make education a step closer to what it really should, we have come up with a concept of GSO.

We believe that that remembering and rote learning is not the aim of education, rather understanding is!! This test is primarily designed with the purpose to check your understanding and not cramming of facts.

The things we learn in maths and science have practical purposes and can be applied to solve real-life problems. The questions in this exam are specifically intended to make you realize this. You will get to use what you have learned in textbooks to solve real-life problems. Another important aspect to be kept in mind is that education and learning is a continuous process. Sometimes after completing a class, we tend to forget what we learned simply because it is now ‘not in syllabus’. The real-life situations, however, comprise anything and everything in the syllabus independently of in which you learned about it. This test will not just check current topics rather would be checking your cumulative understanding.

Another important reason to have this test is that when we opt for entrance exams or olympiads at various levels, we realize that these tests are very different from textbook questions and require much more thought processing. This exam will give you a similar flavor and make your mind open to such changes.

At last but not the least, GSO will help you come out of your comfort zone and eventually expand your sphere of understanding. Till now more or less you compete with your classmates in your school however from this exam you will get to compete at levels beyond school.

Hoping to see you all and wishing you luck,
GSO Team