GSO is the philosophy that career should be chosen on the basis of compatibility of the personality of any individual and each individual student has capability of doing great on his/her potential. Education should be to help you realize your potential rather than imitating others. This test has been designed by teachers having more than 10+ years of experience. It has been designed to let students know their capabilities in the vastly competitive world. It will help you to evaluate yourself on various subjects that will include science, mathematics and mental aptitude as well as will highlight your skills.

Our main focus is on improving the skills of our participants and help them in realizing their own strengths. In our nation, every student face this problem after his 10th class that what are their interests, in which field the one wants to progress, is he/she is interested in engineering or  in medical field. Without knowing these all questions, ones career if chosen wrong, may become a load on them. The objective of this test is to council those students who are facing the above problem. We have a team of mentors(From IITs) and teachers who can easily guide the student according to their needs.

This test also wants to appreciate those students who are excelling well in their studies by providing them whooping prizes.